Tropical Destinations With Declining Covid Rates And What To Know Before Visiting Them

There’s more to Bermuda than just the triangle. Whether you’re exploring shipwrecks, venturing underground through the crystal caves, trying out kiteboarding, or soaking up the sun on a sailing trip, there’s plenty to enjoy and you can do it all safely!

Bermuda has some of the most extensive Covid precautions in the Caribbean, but it’s also currently listed as a High-Risk location by the CDC.

Requirements to visit Bermuda:

Bermuda is open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, however, there are far fewer restrictions on vaccinated tourists. All unvaccinated tourists, should prepare to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

Prior to departure, you’ll need to fill out an online travel authorization form. Along with the form, you’ll pay a $75 fee which will cover the cost of your Covid test upon arrival in the airport. Any traveler who arrives in Bermuda without completing the form will be charged $1,000.

Bermuda is serious about their testing requirements, so expect multiple tests throughout your trip.

1. Prior to departure for Bermuda, you will need to have proof of a negative Covid test taken within 4 days.

2. Upon arrival in the airport you will take a Covid test and quarantine at your accommodations until the results come back.

3. On day 4 and 10 of your trip, you will be required to take a 3rd and 4th test.

4. You will need travel insurance that covers Covid-19 for the duration of your stay in Bermuda.

While you’re there:

-Download the WeHealth Bermuda app to stay up to date on new developments relating to Covid-19.

-When you receive your negative test results and are approved to move about the island, you will receive a link to your SafeKey. The SafeKey includes a QR code that you will scan when entering SafeKey required establishments, like restaurants or certain activities.

-Wear a mask in all public spaces.

-Maintain social distancing whenever possible.