Tropical Destinations With Declining Covid Rates And What To Know Before Visiting Them

There’s more to Bermuda than just the triangle. Whether you’re exploring shipwrecks, venturing underground through the crystal caves, trying out kiteboarding, or soaking up the sun on a sailing trip, there’s plenty to enjoy and you can do it all safely!

Bermuda has some of the most extensive Covid precautions in the Caribbean, but it’s also currently listed as a High-Risk location by the CDC.

Requirements to visit Bermuda:

Bermuda is open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, however, there are far fewer restrictions on vaccinated tourists. All unvaccinated tourists, should prepare to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.


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Hawaii Is Flooded With Tourists. Here Are 5 Less-Crowded Tropical Destinations to Try

After spending much of 2020 at home, more people are traveling in 2021, and there are now a record number of travelers heading to airports to take much-needed vacations.

One destination flooded with tourists is Hawaii. Local businesses throughout the state are struggling to meet the needs of tourists and locals alike. That’s why, if you’ve been thinking of visiting Hawaii, you may want to save that trip for the future. In the meantime, there are many other beautiful, less-crowded tropical destinations to visit. Keep reading for some exciting trip ideas.

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Where can digital nomads work? Croatia, Dubai, Estonia and tropical islands

People working from home have more options for making their living abroad than ever before.

In addition to the countries that initially opened to remote workers last year, new destinations have launched programs to tempt workers to ditch their home offices for tropical shores and year-round sun.  

What’s necessary? Employment outside of the intended destination (a must), proof of sufficient funds to support a long-term stay (usually required), medical insurance (a good idea even if it isn’t compulsory) and negative Covid tests, of course. Add in application fees and a few other perfunctory requirements — travelers can secure beachside workplaces

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