Hawaii’s residents are speaking out against tourists behaving badly

When visitors think of Hawaii and social media, they usually think of capturing the kind of images that make the state a popular hashtag on Instagram: beautiful beaches, magnificent sunsets and picturesque landscapes.

For Hawaii’s residents, it’s far different. It’s a woman proclaiming that she’s from New York as she allegedly assaults a resident of Nanakuli in western Oahu. It’s a visitor without a mask screaming and then reportedly spitting on a kupuna, a Native Hawaiian elder, in a supermarket. It’s tourists blocking highways to take photos, and reportedly refusing to move when asked.

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Dubai blamed for COVID cases abroad after tourists bring variants home

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – After opening itself to New Year’s revelers, Dubai is now being blamed by several countries for spreading the coronavirus abroad, even as questions swirl about the city-state’s ability to handle reported record spikes in cases.

The government’s Dubai Media Office says the sheikhdom is doing all it can to handle the pandemic, though it has repeatedly declined to answer questions from The Associated Press about its hospital capacity.

“After a year of managing the pandemic, we can confidently say the current situation is under control and we have our plans to surge any capacity in

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Snow fills Kashmir resort with tourists again

GULMARG, India (AP) — Snow lies knee-deep in the pastoral town of Gulmarg, or “meadow of flowers,” on Indian-controlled Kashmir’s high plateau.

With its blanket of white, the idyllic hill station is seeing tourists again fill its hotels and ski, sledge and trek its Himalayan landscape.

The heavy influx of tourists is a dramatic change for the tourism industry in disputed Kashmir, which faced the double whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and harsh curbs on civil rights India imposed in the region in August 2019.

Gulmarg was developed as a resort by the British nearly a century ago, and the

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Popular travel destination Lake Tahoe closing to tourists amid COVID-19 surge

A popular vacation destination is shutting down to travelers through Christmas amid rising COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Lake Tahoe vacation travel will be banned starting Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The ban will be in place for at least three weeks, meaning travelers will have to stay away from the popular ski destination over Christmas and through the end of the year.

“Unfortunately, yet again, Tahoe is closed,” Chris Fiore, South Lake Tahoe communications manager, told the Chronicle. “If we can get things under control in the next three weeks, we can reopen just in time for New Year’s.”

The ban will be in place for at least three weeks, meaning travelers will have to stay away from the popular ski destination over Christmas vacation time and through the end of the year.

The ban

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