Are half-term holidays on? Everything you need to know about new COVID travel rules

Watch: Traffic light system scrapped as travel rules simplified

After a summer of foreign travel disruption, some families have been pinning their hopes on a half-term getaway, so news that the government have scrapped their traffic light travel system will be welcome for many. 

New rules surrounding coronavirus and designed to make travel “easier and cheaper” came into force at 4am today (Oct 4), giving hope to many dreaming of heading to sunnier climes this half-term. 

The move, which has been welcomed by families and the travel industry alike, will see the traffic light system of green, amber and red

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What are the rules for travelling to Spain and could it join the green list this summer?

Valencia, Spain (Getty Images)

Valencia, Spain (Getty Images)

Jetting off on a foreign holiday from the UK is possible under a traffic light system, with countries classified as green, amber or red and prescribed restrictions to match based on the risk of arrivals importing new Covid-19 infections.

Although holidays are no longer prohibited, there are still myriad hoops travellers must jump through, including pre-departure and post-arrival coronavirus tests taken within a certain timeframe. The government is currently advising that Brits should not be visiting amber or red countries for recreational purposes.

On 24 June, transport secretary Grant Shapps announced the latest updates to

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The UK travel rules are changing again | Nation & World News

UK holidaymakers have been given a much-needed boost as new destinations were added to the nation’s “green list.”

The move on Thursday came as travel regulations, along with the risk-based “traffic light” system, continue to cause widespread confusion among those eager to take a vacation since the ban on foreign holidays was lifted last month.

Here’s everything you need to know about the UK travel rules, including the latest additions to the green list and upcoming changes regarding amber-designated places.

Can UK residents now travel abroad for a holiday?

Residents of England, Scotland and Wales have been allowed to

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Green list destinations push for tighter rules on UK arrivals



Leaders in the Balearic Islands have urged the Spanish Government to impose tougher entry requirements on UK travellers after Thursday’s announcement that the region would be added to the green list on June 30.

This follows Malta’s ruling that, starting from this same date, arrivals from the UK will have to present proof of vaccination in order to visit the island quarantine-free. Unvaccinated travellers, meanwhile, will face self-isolation in Malta. It is yet to be confirmed whether the country will accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

Malta currently requires British holidaymakers to provide a negative PCR test

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