Destinations like New York, Europe have less summer crowds right now

Some popular travel destinations are packed this summer due to school breaks and vaccines being readily available. Learning how to travel during the busy season is necessary for a stress-free trip, experts say.

“I always fly nonstop out of Tampa whenever possible, even if it’s a little bit more expensive. Once you change planes or connect somewhere in the United States. Things get much more complicated,” explained Greg Tepper, local travel expert.

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Luggage could be lost during transfers and delays could ruin a vacation. Also, he suggests packing light to decrease the chances of luggage issues.

“Keep in mind that the airlines are really struggling to rehire staff,” added Tepper.

Patience is key, especially when traveling by plane nowadays.

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Theme parks are crowded and national parks are hard to get into with increased demand, he warned. There are still fun places with low crowds that you may miss when planning your next vacation. Trying a staycation is something to think about.

“So I tell people, you know, stay local. If you can find something in here, in the state of Florida, that’s interesting to you, a nearby state,” said Tepper.

Car rentals are very hard to find and expensive. Rental companies let go of cars, so there’s not enough to go around for everyone.

Ironically, big cities should also be on your mind when looking for deals. 

“A city like New York, we have a lot of nonstop flights going up to New York. You can get there easily,” shared Tepper. “The whole city is open. I was just there a few days ago. All the restaurants are open, the hotels are offering some very good deals.”

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Europe is also a great option for travel. The continent is open to Americans, while many travelers from other countries are still not permitted entry. 

“Their hotels are offering some great deals. Airfare going to Europe is about half of what they were in 2019, both in economy class and business class. So you also have to keep in mind that there are almost no cruise ships going into Europe,” explained Tepper.

Finding a travel agent is helpful. Navigating on your own can be difficult especially right now. 

“Daily COVID rules are changing on a daily basis,” said Tepper. “So you don’t want to navigate this on your own. You’re overseas. You need somebody back home to help you navigate any of the issues. And the travel experts going to point out some destinations that you might not have thought about.”

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