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How To Find Travel Insurance That Covers COVID-19-Related Cancellations

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With summer quickly approaching, many people are making their travel plans now. But there’s always a chance you may have to cancel, especially with the threat of the ongoing pandemic. While travel insurance often comes to mind as a solution for protecting your trip plans, not just any policy will do.

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Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you get the right kind of travel insurance in case of a COVID-19-related trip cancellation.

How to Find The Right COVID-19 Travel Insurance

When it comes

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Buy travel insurance for once in a lifetime vacations

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – With the unknowns of the latest covid variants on summer travel, many experts still recommend getting travel insurance under certain circumstances.

“A lot of travel insurance policies have actually added COVID-specific coverage to many of their policies. And that’s a good thing because typically known problems like pandemics are not covered,” said Sara Rathner. She’s a personal finance expert at NerdWallet. She says that COVID-specific language gives you a little bit of extra protection if COVID is the reason your trip gets canceled or delayed or cut short.

She also says if you are planning a

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Can You Change Your Travel Insurance Plan After You Buy It? | Travel

Savvy travelers know to include travel insurance in their vacation budget and to buy a policy when they book their trip. Doing so provides the longest period of coverage and allows you to take advantage of coverage that must be added shortly after you pay your first trip deposit.

But a lot can change before you depart, such as your itinerary. You may decide to revise your itinerary by swapping out excursions or may want to stay longer than you initially planned. Or, you may have simply made a mistake when you filled in prices

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You Can Get Travel Insurance Without Paying for It Out-Of-Pocket

Since many countries still require negative COVID-19 tests to enter, it’s good to obtain travel insurance. After all, a positive COVID-19 test result is still possible — even if you’re vaccinated and boosted — and could derail your trip.

Increasingly, more Americans are jumping on the travel insurance train. Nearly one-third (31%) of U.S. travelers say they are more likely to purchase travel insurance for their trips planned between now and the end of 2022, according to an August 2021 AAA survey of more than 1,100 American adults. And Americans are following through with what they say they’ll do. AAA’s

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