Month: November 2021

Top Destination Travel News Stories From November

Top Destination <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="1" title="travel">Travel</a> News Stories From November

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Top Trending Travel Destinations for 2022

Top Trending <a href="" data-internallinksmanager029f6b8e52c="1" title="travel">Travel</a> Destinations for 2022

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CDC Adds Germany, Denmark to Highest Travel Warning Level As Europe’s COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

A pair of popular European destinations were placed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s highest travel warning list, the latest European countries to be added to the advisory.

The agency is warning Americans to “avoid” traveling to Germany and Denmark amid rising coronavirus cases in the two countries. The CDC, which updates the list each week, classified both countries as “Level 4” destinations, indicating a “very high” level of COVID-19 transmission there.

The agency classifies destinations as “Level 4” if they are experiencing more than 500 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over the last 28 days.


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Avoid travel to Denmark and Germany, regardless of vaccination status, CDC warns

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are cautioning against travel to Germany and Demark after moving the two popular European destinations to its list of countries with “very high” COVID-19 rates.

The two countries were bumped up to the CDC’s “level 4” category on Monday, with the agency raising guidance to warn that all U.S. travelers should avoid these destinations regardless of vaccination status. Both countries allow fully vaccinated U.S. tourists to visit as of Tuesday.

“If you must travel to these destinations, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel,” the CDC says on its website.


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