Month: February 2021

Retirees eager to travel should check their Medicare coverage

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For Covid-vaccinated individuals in the 65-and-over crowd, hitting the road (or sky) may become more alluring than it’s been in nearly a year.

Be sure to consider whether your Medicare plan will travel with you. 

While coverage when you’re away from home depends partly on your destination, it also hinges on the specifics of your Medicare plan. Whether the care you receive is routine or due to an emergency also can play a part.

In other words, it’s worth knowing what to expect so there are no surprises. 

What to know

Basic, or

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Where can digital nomads work? Croatia, Dubai, Estonia and tropical islands

People working from home have more options for making their living abroad than ever before.

In addition to the countries that initially opened to remote workers last year, new destinations have launched programs to tempt workers to ditch their home offices for tropical shores and year-round sun.  

What’s necessary? Employment outside of the intended destination (a must), proof of sufficient funds to support a long-term stay (usually required), medical insurance (a good idea even if it isn’t compulsory) and negative Covid tests, of course. Add in application fees and a few other perfunctory requirements — travelers can secure beachside workplaces

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Top trending Vrbos in the US for 2021

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  • Vrbo released its up-and-coming destination report for 2021 based on a survey of 8,000 participants.
  • Pandemic habits are continuing, with most travelers planning domestic road trips to outdoorsy locations.
  • Many of the top emerging destinations for 2021 are located in the South and Midwest.

According to a recent travel trend report released by Vrbo, many of the top travel habits of travelers in 2020 will be continuing throughout 2021. Travelers are continuing to take their own transportation, such as rental cars, to their

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Travel leaders call for an end to draconian restrictions

But it is not just in the UK where the problem ends. This directly impacts our partners in Africa who are struggling even more, without the support mechanisms we enjoy here. All their efforts are focused on providing for their staff, maintaining a presence in vital wilderness areas and supporting communities on their peripheries, who are critical to wildlife survival at this time.  

It’s estimated that each tourist job in Africa supports a further eight people and whilst we’re right to be sensibly cautious in our approach to safe travel, it’s equally important that we move away from the

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